Maison Quien & Cie was established in 1877 and since that time has been a keen expert in selecting, growing, distributing and exporting Bordeaux Fine Wines.

Located in the heart of the historical area of the Chartrons in Bordeaux, Quien & Cie provide an extensive list of  “petits chateaux” and premium ”crus bourgeois”, some of which are exclusive or followed very closely. First of all, Quien & Cie is a significant operator “en Primeurs” for the most prestigious Grands Crus Classés (Classed Growths) in all areas such as Médoc, Graves, Sauternes, St-Emilion, Pomerol.

Quien & Cie: a tradition of excellence in service and in terms of quality of products. It drives our purchasing policy and our network of distribution.
Quien & Cie: a relationship of loyalty and trust.
Quien & Cie: efficiency, flexibility, dynamism.
Quien & Cie a permanent stock of thousands of premium wines that enables us maximum pro-reactivity
Quien & Cie a customer orientated team that understands and foresees customer’s needs in an ever-evoluting market
Quien & Cie a fast and efficient answer to any request, including the out-of-list wines.
Quien & Cie a key-access to the most prestigious wines.
Quien & Cie: your respected partner in Bordeaux for more than 135 years.